Dropbox App Reviews

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Dont know what Id do without it

I use Dropbox throughout the day (mostly on an iPhone and an iPad). It is such a well designed piece of software - I really only intended to provide feedback to say thanks for giving me a longer list of directory choices when I want to file something. But that gets to the heart of things - they continue improving all the time (& are prompt about checking into problems).

Awesome for storage!!!!!

Great app it helps with data storage!! Use Lyft code ESLYFT for a $50 first rider credit and up to $5000 for a new driver sign up bonus!! Use UBER code WLNNM for a $20 first rider credit and up to $500 signup bonus for new drivers!! I love this app great great great!!

Background Uploading. - Location Based

Been a dropbox member from the beginning and its great. But the Background uploading could use some work. If I move the another app it stops uploading. You guys also have location based uploading not sure it works. In the morning my phone is at 100% Im on wifi now I go to work about 20 miles away Im on wifi and it doesnt start uploading my pictures and my batter is at 95 percent. Only does it if I open the app and once i open another app it stops. Lets enhance this feature. Thanks


Where is the changelog of the recent update?

Its alright

Its a good app but needs more room without charging so much money for an upgrade

Storage Sucker

Cache is sucking too much space in the background. I lost 25% storage space on my phone. Could be easily fixed with one button: "clear cache"

Cant save email attachments any more!

Whether it was the iOS 10.1 update or the Dropbox app, I can no longer save email attachments to Dropbox. Also cannot save PDF files from Safari.

App Support on Dropbox.com failed, so here I am

I download audio files for offline listening but I find that if I move them or rename them after the download then I have to download them all over again. Seems flawed to me. Wastes my cell $$ too. Also, the support page on dropbox.com had two forms that werent working and completely held up my request. Thanks.


The latest update may have some new bells and whistles but it removed one helpful item that is giving me a lot of grief now. Before the update one could tap the action pull down menu to the right of a file and could quickly export the file to many other apps. That export option is now gone. You must now open the file (dealing with what ever operation DropBox wants to perform on the file, even if you dont want it to do so) then select export from the ••• menu at the top right of the screen. What a waste of time and processing effort. PLEASE BRING BACK THE EXPORT COMMAND TO THE FILE ACTION PULLDOWN MENU.


All I get when I open Dropbox on my iPhone is a blank screen! Any ideas? I cant find anything on app support.

You ruined it

I never write reviews, but I have been using and loving Dropbox for years to store photos. Since this last update, all of my albums and the photos in them change the way they are sorted each time the app is closed. Each time I open the app Im now forced to rearrange my albums and photos instead of the order being remembered like it always has been. Please fix this or Ill have to switch back to google drive.

Blank screen

Not exactly intuitive. I have no need for the app, but a colleague shares videos using it. I downloaded the app (as it asked) and when I use the link to the video, the app loads.... and sits. Does nothing, and says nothing. Not helpful.

Playback controls for audio files

I primarily use this app for listening to audio files (in an audio engineer), so it would be really helpful to have track skip and back for quickly navigating through a folder of audio files

AppleTV app needed / love the document scanner

I love how I can save videos into my Dropbox on my computer and stream them on my iPhone and iPad. Please make an app for the Apple TV so I can do the same.


Its the best app I have in my iPhone! When mi laptop died, Dropbox saved my life. Very very commendable. I think the paid version is expensive, they should have more payment options or even more categories.

Grab files on the go

Great for accessing your most important files when youre away from your computer

Best cloud

Best cloud program ever with how simple it is. Using it for more than 4years

I need this app

I use this app all the time. I love the latest update!!

Great app

I use dropbox everyday, wish there could be a repeat function for sound files though?


Though (some) others may not be very pleased, I find it indispensable, and prefer it as my number one online storage. This not to say that others who are voicing disappointment etc. are not justified, its just that I find it works really well for me, and use it with most of my other apps that require online storage. By the way, I am using an iPad Air 2 — dont know if that makes a difference, but there you have it.

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