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MAJ problems

Dropbox : please rectify photos upload via wifi and documents upload via iPhone please , everything stopped running properly since 07/2016

Pas compris

Je comprend rien mais sinon cest bien

Plante regulierement

WHY CANT I MOVE PHOTOS TO FOLDERS FROM THE PHOTOS SCREEN OF THE APP ?? Its the only screen where the thumbnail is big enough to see the photo. Im about to maje te big movz to google drive just because of this.



Offline file Download very very Slow

In this version or maybe since the ios10 update, the app is very slow downloading files, especially for offline downloads

No changelog, no stars

Whats new in the new release?

No changelog, no stars

Whats wrong with you guys? Dont know the changes in your own software? Want to keep them secret? Go professional and provide a reasonable change log for every update.

No changelogs

No infos about changes, deleted the app and will delete my account. There are enough free alternatives

Storage Sucker

Cache is sucking too much space in the background. I lost 25% storage space on my phone. Could be easily fixed with one button: "clear cache"


Where is the changelog of the recent update?

Its good

Its good but should have more free storage

Doesnt upload anything

The current version sucks! It doesnt upload anything .

Works well

Wish I could buy more space without going pro

Very nice!!!

This apps save me 2g of pictures and video!!! THX!!

Very disappointing evolution

After having been a leader in cloud storage, recent evolution has been very disappointing for individual customers. It has progressively suppressed photo storage app and automatic photo upload of devices.

Great for downloading mp3s

I have a huge library of audio clips and ebook a on this app. Very convenient, and you dont need Internet to view them


It seems that the functionality has changed and there for the speed of navigating your files. It took me 20 min to figure out how to download a file to my phone because it was no longer an icon at the top. Also it seems my "make available offline" doesnt function at all. Hate this update. Please fix this. ***latest update: completely not functional that you cannot delete files from the app.


Wish it held more photos without having to pay.

Needs fixing!!!

Why are you asking to connect to a computer, to save space on your phone, but you cant delete the uploads/files from your phone to accommodate more space because all the files will get deleted, especially on the computer? Shouldnt you be able to upload off the app & then be able to keep files on computer without losing them? Id fix this problem ASAP, so you dont lose users.

update is stupid

The new update is horrible. There is no more automatic downloads anymore, for why? Every time I try to download photos now it doesnt work. & I think they should bring back Carousel it was so much better.

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